SPM Physics Chapter 5: Light


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Course Content:

  1. Reflection of Light
    1. Laws of Reflection
    2. Plane Mirror
    3. Curved mirrors
      1. Important Terms
      2. Rules in drawing ray diagram
      3. Finding the Position and Size of the Image
  2. Refraction of Light
    1. The laws of refraction
    2. Refractive index
      1. Refractive index and the Speed of light
      2. Real and apparent depth
  3. Total Internal Reflection and the Critical Angle
    1. The Equation Relates the Critical angle © with the Refractive Index
    2. Requirements for Total Internal Reflection to occur
    3. Phenomena Related to Total Internal Reflection
    4. Application of Total Internal Reflection
  4. Lenses
    1. Important Terms
    2. The Power of a Lens
    3. Drawing Ray Diagram of Lenses
    4. Image Formed by Convex Lens
    5. Image Formed by Concave Lens
  5. Lens Equation
  6. Linear magnification
  7. Applications of Concave Lens
  8. Optical Instrument
    1. Magnifying glass
    2. Angular magnitude and apparent size
    3. Camera
    4. Projector
    5. Compound Microscope
    6. Astronomical Telescope
    7. Comparing Compound Microscope and Astronomical Telescope


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