SPM Physics Chapter 4: Heat


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Course Content:

  1. Thermal Energy and Heat
    1. Temperature
    2. Thermal Equilibrium
      1. Applications of Thermal Equilibrium
      2. Differences between Thermal Energy and Temperature
    3. Liquid in Glass Thermometer
    4. Calibrating a Thermometer
    5. Absolute zero and the Kelvin temperature scale
  2. Concept of Heat Capacity
    1. Specific heat capacity
      1. Conversion of Gravitational Energy into Thermal Energy
      2. Conversion of Kinetic Energy into Thermal Energy
      3. Conversion of Electrical Energy into Thermal Energy
      4. Thermal energy gains and losses
    2. Applications of Specific Heat Capacity
  3. Latent Heat
    1. Specific Latent Heat
      1. Measuring the specific latent heat of fusion of ice
      2. Measuring the specific latent heat of vaporization of water
  4. Evaporation
    1. Cooling by evaporation
  5. Gas Laws
    1. Boyle’s law
    2. Pressure Law
    3. Charles’ Law
    4. Universal Gas Law


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