SPM Physics Chapter 3: Forces and Pressure


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Course Content:

  1. Pressure
    1. Applications of Pressure
      1. Application of high pressure
      2. Application of low pressure
  2. Pressure in Liquids
    1. Characteristics of Liquid Pressure
    2. Application of Liquid Pressure
  3. Gas Pressure
  4. Atmospheric Pressure
    1. Characteristics of Atmospherics Pressure
    2. Proof of Existence of Atmospheric Pressure
    3. Unit Used to Measure Atmospheric Pressure
    4. Instruments Used to Measure Atmospheric Pressure
      1. Simple Barometer
        1. Using Simple Mercury Barometer
        2. Converting the Unit from cmHg to Pa
        3. Characteristics of the Mercury Barometer
      2. Fortin Barometer
      3. Anaroid Barometer
    5. Application of Atmospheric Pressure
  5. Instruments Used to Measure Gas Pressure
    1. Bourdon Gauge
    2. Manometer
  6. U-Tube
  7. Gas Trapped in a Capillary Tube
  8. Pascal’s Principle
    1. Hydraulic System
    2. Change of Oil Level in a Hydraulic System
    3. Applications of Pascal’s Principle
      1. Hydraulic Brake
      2. Hydraulic Jack
  9. Archimedes Principle
    1. Principle of Floatation
    2. Buoyant Force and Weight of Object
    3. Forces Acted on Objects Immersed in Liquid
    4. Application of Archimedes Principle
  10. Bernoulli’s Principle
    1. Venturi Effect
    2. Experiments about Bernoulli’s Principle
    3. Application of Bernoulli’s Principle


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